You Say, I Say

You Say, I Say

We all talk and hear only what we want to hearYou Say, I Say

Words fly aimlessly, you type away

caught up by what you believe the other did or conveyed


Oh, did you listen?

No? Oh, only what fits with your relentless squabble?

The words that may be fitting

are tossed away, useless for your quest

Bickering and wanting to have the last word

You have to be the best

useless fight


Stubborn fights with sentences

expressions and misused quotes

Ears are shut

Mouth wide open

Out flies mud

Spattering the walls, the floor, and your own outspoken

Tongue, that wants to parry with success

but doesn’t find a match


Mud will slide to the ground

Get hard and crack with no stable base

Fresh rain will wash away,

This feeble soil will drown

And return to nothing where your words once bounced


In the end, only silence, all the way through

let you speak, for whatever I say,

letting go is not something that you planned to do

I rest my case,

And you, please go away.

let go

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