My Emotionally Different Team - by Thomas Porter

Writings by Inmates -Thomas Porter – Emotional First Aid – What can we do for Each Other?

Below, you will find two more short pieces written by Thomas Porter, straight to the point and raw from his soul, as he always does.

If you haven’t read his work before and you don’t know who Thomas is, you can read more about his background at this link. Scroll down to the bottom of that post for more info about him.

Let’s Be Each Other’s Emotional First Aid …

Writings by Inmates -Thomas Porter - Emotional First Aid - What can we do for Each Other?

Sometimes life hurts! Yet I know self-compassion can be a powerful tool, It’s treating ourselves with the same care and compassion we would show a loved one that keeps us holding on or even enduring,

Losses, heartache, and many setbacks are all kinds of forms that we are living Life! Feeling bad after our lives have been upended is totally normal. Yet why is it in moments of traumatic experiences we forget that we humans are one of the most resilient creations on this earth, We grow and learn from the most difficult times I believe,

Yes, I know what readers are thinking, what do I know? Well, my difficult times came awaiting an execution and surviving for 14 years only with the Aid of #TeamStayStrong members,

I truly believe in the theory of post-traumatic growth, By surviving very hard periods in my life I’ve been offered more spiritual focus and I am now truly aware of my Strengths to look at possibilities instead of all the parts I can’t change.


Please know I’m not trying to diminish the suffering we’ve all felt and carry but isn’t it heavy? Yet will you acknowledge with me that pain and growth coexist in the same human shell as a touch of blissfulness brings Love or Kindness given or received …?

My heart and mind became open because my own difficult times turned into a powerful engine of empathy!

I know we all need inspiration in some form or another and I only offer Members of #TeamStayStrong! & #TeamStayHealthy! the understanding that there’s something about being with people who have experienced exactly or forms thereof what we have been through that trumps every other form of doing this sh*t alone,

Connections to breathe lead to connections of awareness of self and others around Us,

Blessings To All #TeamStayStrong! & #TeamStayHealthy! Members ❤️


By Thomas Porter

Photo by Monstera on Pexels

We Keep Asking

God our Creator, can you bless me with freedom, Can you give me strength, Why won’t you heal my family, Take care of my child, Rip out this cancer so that I can be free from pains?

We keep asking for more and more, but not once have I heard in this prison of souls, God what can I do for You!

We ask for relief, love, money, to be protected, and so on, but Creation is created to praise his Most High to feel appreciative for the blessings we see every day, nevertheless we don’t value them because they have become normal to the eyes and hearts of humanity.


By Thomas Porter

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  1. I love these two beautiful poems from Thomas, especially the second one. It is very thought provoking.

    ‘We keep asking for more and more, but not once have I heard in this prison of souls, God what can I do for You!”

    It’s so easy to get consumed and worried about what we need, been praying for and been working towards but haven’t come to, that we forget to be grateful for the ‘little’ blessings we have already. I say little because to another person, it can be a big need.

    Especially towards this end of the year, we should reflect on our life journey over the year, not just on our losses, but also on our gains and good fortunes that has come our way.


    1. Hi Femi,

      This piece by Thomas also made me think. We often ask and ask about what we want to have, but when do we ask ourselves “what can I give?” “What can I do for you, him, her, them?” And always remember to be grateful for what we have, feel gratitude every day. To be in an environment that Thomas is in, that can’t be easy, yet, he does it, he has such a strong spirit.

  2. So touching words again… I’m not sure I can handle your words… They come from the heart. I can relate all this from my passed away uncle who was in prison for 10+ years. I miss him… 🙁

    1. Hi Markus,

      I’m sorry to hear about your uncle. It must be hard.
      Thomas’s words always touch me to the core and they must have even more of an effect on someone who can truly relate, someone who has been in prison or who has a loved one in prison.
      I’ll pass on your comment to Thomas if you don’t mind.

  3. I’m always heart-stricken by Thomas’ writings. I feel so deeply for him and feel a connection with his writing. I can only hope that through the trials he’s faced that he is able to have compassion towards himself. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in the environment he’s in, yet he’s able to have the mindset of giving instead of sitting with grief and anger.

    1. Hi Haley,

      I am too. Thomas’s writing always touches me to the core. I just published a new post written by him, and this one probably affected me the most. The things he’s going through … He has such a strong spirit. I find him inspiring.

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