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Writings by Inmates – Thomas Porter – All Women are Created above Men – Let’s be Seen

Hello there, it’s been a while. Life has its ups and downs and sometimes it keeps us from focusing on what truly matters. Thomas and I stay in touch, regardless, and he has sent me a few more inspiring notes which I’m anxious to share with you today 🙂

This first one is an ode to women and women’s equality.

Writings by Inmates - Thomas Porter - All Women are Created above Men - Let's be Seen
All Men Are Created Equal

By Thomas Porter

Are these words not a form of oracular which means imposing one’s will or opinions on others?

Who are the others? Women! Are they not forms of absolute Power! Created by The Most High to bear the world’s children, laying down the very core principles we men have built this world on? Oh how we have forgotten.

We have taken rights over their very skin seeking ownership over them with created titles of wife, slave, or hoe! What rights have we deprived them of, out of fear that we would be shown our own weaknesses.

I have reflected on all I’ve received from women like my Grandmother, Mother, and Aunty, whose suffering was at times only shown in their eyes if us men only bother to look as they pushed on against the knowledge “we are only just women”. Well, I say screw that, they and all of you are more then just Women.

I sometimes wonder, was being a woman in captivity under the rule of men who created all the rules to fit us leading to sleep deprivation? My grandmother was one to sleep so light I wonder did she sleep at all, Then I went and placed myself into captivity by my own actions, nevertheless, but now I’ve had time to think and I asked myself, “What are the boundaries that I choose and do not choose?”

When choice is taken away what is left? I know I can handle my ordeal because billions of women have endured way more and I am thankful to come from and be attached to Amazing Intellectual Capable Beautiful Strong Women!

All Women Are Created Above Men ❤️


This second piece here below is another poignant one which – as usual – doesn’t leave you unaffected 🙂 Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are.

Let’s Root For Being Seen

By Thomas Porter

I am learning healthy effective ways to escape the observation of ignorance,

To be known for one who strives for the warmth of kindness over the coldness of hatefulness, who doesn’t participate in the back biting nor look for faults or flaws in others to build my ego upon,

Yet the weigh of prison politics as I know them have prioritized recognition by access of the dominant paradigm

Yet I ask what becomes possible when we are immersed in the queerness of forms of life that dominant systems cannot chart, reward, nor even understand?

We can choose to charter our emotional waters under no observation but our own identifying positive forms of ourselves and in each other while applauding each small victory that we are Captains instead of deckhands being commanded,

Our rewards on this type of journey are we get to understand ourselves within and not what’s placed on us and lived as. We can be seen for our broken pieces by those who are just like ourselves and know wholeheartedly they are held with the thought of how can I fix these, using admiration and love as glue.

I believe our difficulties in this journey are when we conform to fit in with the “Seen” and not value the painful experiences that created something worthy to be seen beyond the depths of recognition, especially if you don’t have loving sight.

Let’s be seen nurturing Freedom over ignorant understandability, It’s our differences that should be embraced not Us sorting out made to deem our light of shyness or kindness or our emotional respective,

Yes I am weird, corny, goofy, but I also am free in ways of valuing Life which is so much more impactful then showing more death, toughness, and disregard for what’s been bestowed upon me,

I ask of you if you need to be seen let’s be seen for something worthy of others attaching themselves to coming aboard your ship of true Life value!

Thank you for reading. As always, Thomas is grateful for your words and thoughts.

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  1. Yo this was mad deep kid. Yo it’s been a minute since I seen or heard your name. I’m happy to see you still here. No offense my Nigga. You I met you on the bus to RDC and then linked at Beaumont. But only really seen you for a second. You wilded out on some kid from south Boston shit was real back in the 90’s. Yo I seen you on the news when I was in Ny. I thought I was buggin. I told my ex wife I knew who you was. That’s crazy my Nigga what you got bagged for. I know you was a wild Nigga but I still to this day don’t think you did that shit. But I didn’t know they gave you death. That shit fuked me up. I thought Va did away with that shit? I hope they did. My Nigga I’m out. Keep ya head up and continue to uplift. Stay strong and healthy. Pray and love God first. I know shit hard but you built different. You can handle whatever they try to hit you with. Keep your head high beloved. Peace.

    Ps. Ain’t shit happening out this bitch anyways. Niggaz still shooting Guns and innocent people still getting hit. Love you bro

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