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Thomas Porter, Virginia – Team Stay Strong

Today, Thomas sent me more of his work. It’s a little different from what he usually sends me but it’s still profound. When you type Thomas Porter Virginia in your Google Search you may find a lot of info about his case from 14-15 years ago, but you will also find several heartfelt poems, written by the same man. He still has so much to offer to the world. How much longer does he need to be locked away and be broken over and over again in the name of justice?

The poems Thomas is sharing with us today are called 13 Greatest Rules and Take Time to Think, Members.

Thomas Porter, Virginia - Team Stay Strong

13 Greatest Rules

The greatest thought is Allah (God)

The greatest power is Love

The greatest weakness is lack of Faith

The greatest certainty is Change

The greatest sickness is Fear

The greatest danger is Ignorance

The greatest force is Truth

The greatest time is Now

The greatest good is Peace

The greatest blessing is Understanding, Health, and Patience

The greatest enemy is Pride, Egoism, and Hate

The greatest victory is Self-Control

The greatest sin is Lying…..

By Thomas Porter


Take Time To Think, Members

Take time to Think, it is the source of our Power.

Take time to play, it is the secret to perpetual youthfulness,

Take time to read, it is the fountain of wisdom,

Take time to pray, it is the greatest power on earth,

Take time to Love and be Loved, it is Allah’s given privilege,

Take time to be friendly, it is the road to happiness,

Take time to Laugh, it is the music of our souls,

Take time to give of ourselves, our journey is too short,

Take time to show appreciation for the gifts provided by people seeing your true character,

Take time to reflect on who we are and who we desire to be because within our flaws there are moments of clarity …


Written By Thomas and El Shabazz, one of the members of #TeamStayStrong!


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  1. Thanks Christine,
    I don’t read enough poetry and you have shared some beautiful poems here today. Not only are the words and meaning beautiful, but they are very important principles and beliefs to live by. We don’t have to be of the same faith as Thomas, e.g. we can be Christian too, but substituting Allah for God, these are true and ecumenical. I will take these thoughts for today and apply them.
    I hope Thomas can find justice and at least he is sharing his wonderful messages so the world can reflect.

    1. Hi John,

      Yes, you can substitute Allah for God. Faith is what matters, doesn’t it? Faith helps us through hard times, regardless what we believe in.
      I will keep on sharing Thomas’s messages to the world 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. These are all great poems to read and remind you of the good times. We are going to share this with as many people as possible.
    I hope that he stays positive it would be hard to do that much time.


  3. Hi Lila,

    It’s good to read Thomas’s poems again. He did a good job searching for the true power within human beings, although we always forget about them.

    I cannot agree more that the greatest time is NOW, and laugh is the music of our souls. Those sentences are stuck in my head after reading, and they give me the strength to achieve things that I wanted so badly. 🙂


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