Thomas Porter, Virginia – How Much Pain Can One Mind Endure? – Poem From a Prisoner

How Much Pain Can One Mind Endure?

I am continuously fighting back overwhelming emotional pains

given my circumstances seem grim on a good day,

but there’s a self-discipline to me

a type of control so to say,


So I find sleep as an escape,

but I learnt this morning that

while I slept within my dreams of loss

and what will never be

I cried a million tears that bleed into my reality.

Thomas Porter, Virginia - How Much Pain Can One Mind Endure? - Poem From a Prisoner

As I sat this morning

striving to pull myself back together

I was weighed down with one question,

How much can I take for the name of Justice?


The tears from my dream woke me physiologically

Is this even possible?

Yet it happened.


Am I so emotionally tormented

that the only self-discipline I have is while I’m awake somehow?

The Struggle Continues…


By Thomas Porter

I haven’t spoken to Thomas very often over the last 12 days. He wasn’t feeling well, it looked as if he had the flu. And the few times that he managed to call me the calls didn’t go through because there seems to be something wrong with the phone menu … it can be frustrating, but it must be even more frustrating for him.

Email is slow and the phone doesn’t always cooperate. Being locked away in a horrible place like the one where he’s at and then having such weak communication with the outside world can’t be easy.

Thomas Porter
Smiling despite his circumstances takes strength

If you liked Thomas’s poem, please leave a comment. I will forward them to him, I know that they will brighten his day 🙂 And feel free to check out his other poems.

The ones I especially love are Good Morning World and What is Pain, but all are good, heartfelt, and touching the soul. I think that it’s impossible to read any of his poems without feeling somehow affected.

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  1. Thomas Porter is a warrior, a gladiator. I am grateful I have been able to read his poem. While we are here on Earth, we will always have chance. There is a sun that illuminates this world and no matter how far away we are from it’s rays, we can still find it if we desperately look for it. Every day is an opportunity to consider why we are on this Earth. And to be grateful once we have embraced this biggest gift to mankind.

    1. Hi Paolo,

      Thank you for your kind words! I will forward them to Thomas, this will make his day 🙂

  2. I really love his poem! I can feel the pain of his condition. Life must be unbelievably tough for him. The way he describes his living emotionally is very touching. He writes about his emotions and how they flow into his physical being, connecting the pain on several levels. I believe it must be tough to flee this pain. It is everywhere, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically! The way he describes it opens the door to other humans, feeling his deep pain, even physically! I wish him only the best! Thank you for sharing his poems!:)

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Yes, life is tough for him, very much so. Thomas is strong, but even so, what he has gone through and still goes through is hard …
      His poems describe his pain very well, making them so tangible, you can just feel his pain, can’t you?
      Thank you for your comment!

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