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Thomas Porter, Virginia – Deep Poetry

Thomas just sent me two more poems, a short one and a longer one, and I decided to put them together in one post. Both are deep, and the second one tends to be a bit dark, but with a positive message. When you google Thomas Porter, Virginia, you may find information about his trial, but a crime doesn’t always define a man, just like you cannot be defined by the worst action you took in your life. I believe that Thomas’s writing shows that every time.

Thomas Porter, Virginia - Deep Poetry

I Am But A Single Candle

In the darkest of moments I am but a flicker of light

Yet light nevertheless

I can’t see much with the breath of darkness blowing their misery

but I know I must hold fast to this light

to guide me towards Freedom, Happiness, Growth, & Kindness…

History doesn’t want me to see different things

There is no use for candles anymore

because the darkness has been embraced,

but I say to you today

Candles of the world

Flicker your light

because someone will see you

and appreciate the fact that all is not hopeless

Let the darkness keep their offer of misery and ignorance

We have something special within Us!


Thomas Porter - a Poem About Hate

An intense hostility and aversion,

Deriving from fear and anger or a sense of injury…

Yet I am surrounded by it everyday


To hate others for no other reason

outside the natural fearfulness of looking within

and acknowledging that Hate within for themselves,

Hate has become a focus

to the point I dare to say an art form for some

To give over to hate

is a sense of injury to one’s Kindness which are our roots truly,

Humanity wasn’t born to hate continuously,

I believe that in this prison culture they fight one another

even kill

over a reflective image of what they see in others

that reflect back differences,

Sayings like “I hate this dude because he thinks he is better than me”

Yet he has never talked to me

but I hate nevertheless,

I believe so many people fear what others may see within them

if they let down the hate within

by not feeding it unhealthy forms of Ego Self-Destructive behavior and doubts that they too could be loved,

I’m not naive

Racism has to be a part of so much

which is the culture of humanity

because if we let go of it

what would we have complaints about then?

Hate gets us Wars and Covid,

but hate never achieves anything worth having or building,

So I ask

Can we as Members of #TeamStayStrong! Work on our inner hates

and not feed them unhealthiness?

Love Vs Hate

Can Both Be Achieved In One Heart and Mind?

By Thomas Alexander Porter

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  1. These are deep poems that seem to come from the heart and definitely felt the way he was feeling or whoever he wrote it for. “Hate gets us war and covid”- is really spot on how the world is looking.


  2. Wow, I can feel his emotions very much through his poem, the surrounding he is imprisoned in, and the tension I can sense in his words. It must be very tough to be surrounded by so much hate and aggression. He wants to be a light in this darkness, and it is certainly not easy when people are surrounded by hate. The fear of being attacked or even killed must be a horrible companion.
    We can’t imagine such a place without the escape, maybe only in their small cell. Thomas has changed very much through his situation, and his heart wants to overcome hate and create a room for love. It must be so tough to love people who are destroyed through hate. He sees himself as a flicker of light, a single candle. I hope very much that there are other candles in this place that shine into this darkness. Great article, and very touching!

  3. Hello Christine,

    Love the message conveyed in the “I am But a Single Candle”. He is just a flicker of light surrounded by darkness, but still a light nonetheless, which means its not hopeless despite someone trying to blow it into oblivion, just darkness. That not all is lost that someone might see you for what you are right now and not the mistakes you did in the past, which you did Christine by giving them an opportunity and avenue to better themselves to freedom.

  4. I like Thomas doesn’t give up on hopes in the first poem. Although his current situation isn’t ideal, he still tries his best to light up himself. The second poem, it’s darker because he is surrounded by other inmates full of hate, making it harder to show love instead of just hate. I hope he could find other candles in the place he lives so that they could light up the darkness.

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