Thomas Porter – Virginia – A Collection of Poems, Thoughts, and Writings

After a long break, I would like to share some more work by Thomas Porter. I decided to make a small collection of some things he has written. You can find them here below.

If you don’t know who Thomas Porter is, this article here – Poems Written by Inmates – Thomas Porter – will give you more information.

Thomas Porter - Virginia - A Collection of Poems, Thoughts, and Writings

List of Thomas’s work today (note, some of them may contain swear words that some people may find offensive):

The Hardest Word to Say is No

A Joyful Life

Perspective of Patience

Spiritual Unity

The Hardest Word to Say is No

When you’ve been conditioned to be nice from birth you think as taught, but we all know what’s been taught to us isn’t always the healthiest,

No is a simple word, but powerfully felt when given or received, No I don’t desire to do this. Now the recipient of that simple No is mad or angered by our God given right to say No! No, I can’t work overtime given I have plans, but now this No is making the person that’s saying it wonder, what if my Boss doesn’t give me my raise?

No shouldn’t make us feel anxieties.

not again!

To Nice people, No is so full with dread somehow, Yet if Us Nice people reflect on whereby we received these lessons for they came at moments when people weren’t being nice to Us, but the parents/teachers of this affliction we now battle said “Stop that, Be Nice,” or “It’s not Nice to push back in spite of feeling pushed over.”

No is a Right and an Empowerment within itself to be expressed whenever one feels overwhelmed by others bullshit. No shouldn’t be attached to concerns how others feel because at the end of the day when everyone is gone it’s that voice in your head saying you should have told them No!

No, I don’t accept your fake apology for raping me. No, I don’t accept being looked over for the promotion. No, I can’t say back to help you when my head hurts and I know deep down if you did half the work I do´, you wouldn’t need my help. No, you can’t treat me like sh*t and call it Love.

Us Nice people have to get passed feeling bad or wanting people to like us just because we say Yes when we truly mean No! knowing they will use our yes time and time again against us somehow.

No I can’t help “Oh-my-God you´re a b*tch” or “let’s talk about you to so-and-so” somehow. Family is also the hardest to say No too without getting the guilty feel we’ve done something wrong by saying No.

So I’m creating within TeamStayStrong & TeamStayHealthy The Platform Of A Safe Place To Practice Saying No! Saying no without receiving judgments nor negative behavior, I want members and friends to know No isn’t a bad word ❤️

A JoyFul Life

A joyful Life is a Beautiful Life!

A full Life doesn’t happen, It’s a choice,

And we of TeamStayStrong! & TeamStayHealthy

Choose to put joy into everything we do by bringing together all the wonderful experiences Love, Loyalty,& Appreciation has to offer. Smile!


Perspective of Patience

Pyschological patience without choice, such as patiently bearing an enforced separation from one whom you Love, Is this truly patience?

If so, why does this choice feel like the heaviest I’ve ever carried? Yes, reality is about choices that create either healthy circumstances or traumatic ones that we spend a lifetime dealing with,

Yet, am I to believe that patience is really a choice? I wonder at times if patience is a never-ending battle when it verses emotions, Have we all not fought the good fight striving to be patient whenever we are inflicted with others’ bullshit somehow?

Could patience be another name for suffering quietly while feeling unheard or valued?

Whatever your perspective of patience is, let’s strive to achieve healthy forms of it!

How Writing to Inmates Changed my Life

Spiritual Unity

There’s no race nor wealth in spirituality, just the unity forged in God’s Love,

We take many names and shapes on this journey of religions, but at the end what would be said of our goals? Was it to embrace something to be able to point at others and say we are the rightly guided for God created us All true?

If faith and devotion to what’s felt wholeheartedly within how can the Love of God who gives endlessly of himself to provide for Us cause such divisions among Us?

My Emotionally Different Team - by Thomas Porter

We seek a Life of forgiveness selfishly whenever we take judgments away from Gods ability, Compassion towards only those who believe how we believe or taking up negative opinions whenever we see crimes committed, but not knowing why which is left of God right?

How can we say God has created everything but not make room for outward unity for all those who’ve suffered? Ye without sin etc, but what about Ye who has suffered? Do we just stop at prayer which is our faith but my friend once told me faith without works hold No true balance…

Spiritual unity has to be valued above our old ways of separate but equal ideologies…


By Thomas Porter


Thank you for reading. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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