Thomas Porter – Listening for Frequencies

Listening for frequencies is another beautiful piece of writing by Thomas Porter. He sent it to me recently and I’m happy to share it for him.

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Listening for frequencies

How can we listen across species, across extinction, across harm?

This is where we start our trans-species communication, opening a space to uplift the practice of listening even more then the practices of showing off on social media, and proving our self-Worth through pictures and speaking up only when we are touched by affiliations of this world.

Thomas Porter - Listening for Frequencies

Listening is not only about the normative ability to hear, it is a transformative and revolutionary resource that requires Quieting down and Tuning in!

Yet I acknowledge all our emotional frequencies are all different given the traumatic experiences we’ve dealt with on our journey, but I learned from a friend that there’s intentional sound. Within this sound it’s the knowledge of how to use our frequencies whether on high to find out where our like-minded spiritual people are to the lowest frequencies to reach you across the never ending ambient noise to convey you’re not alone, neither of us.

Listening and communication overlaps in my experience, but they also diverge. In my captivity I lost my communication skills and many other parts of self, but I was found through the practice of frequencies and restored to the point that now when I make sounds it’s my form of measuring my surroundings, Other times it’s me saying I have something to say which is always lol.

I am given 20 minutes to speak out all the emotional buildup and also hear all you can while fighting ambient noise that is so deafening, Yet sometimes I feel I am communicating with you all under emotional waters,

It’s my hope the impact of what I say outlives what I’ve learned by saying it as the noise increases, So I call to my Army of Warriors, Spiritual Listeners & Compassionate Speakers please turn up those frequencies and find those who need saving just like I needed, Thank you for all your frequencies.

By Thomas Porter

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