There’s a Little Magic in All of Us – Pepita’s Magic of the Moon – a Store Worth Visiting

magic-me-desertWhen you think of Los Cabos, you think of the beach, sun, amazing sunsets, spectacular sunrises, sunset cruises, snorkeling, scuba diving, bar hopping, Squid Roe, fabulous restaurants, and fun, fun, fun. But did you know that Pepita’s Magic of the Moon has been a part of Cabo for as long as 28 years? Did you know that Pepita is a local designer and that she makes beautiful clothes that fit and feel as if they were made especially for you?

If the answer is yes, then you know what I’m talking about; and if it’s no, then please keep on reading, because Magic of the Moon is one more place that should be on your what-to-visit list in Cabo.


Do you believe in magic? In frills and thrills? In flowing colors and the perfect fit? Then Magic of the Moon is the place to be. Pepita has lovely kimonos, cool (short and long) sundresses, flowery patterns, hand-painted silk scarves, blouses, and dresses, rompers, long flowing pants that fit perfectly (I got one pair myself), and she also features a stunning line of accessories such as handbags, belts, and jewelry.

How did it all begin for Magic of the Moon?

Magic of the Moon opened in 1991. First, Pepita focused mainly on lingerie and beaded bustiers that became so popular, they flew out the door as soon as they hit the store racks. So, soon enough Pepita began to design women’s wear, venturing into camisole tops, stretch pants, designer dresses for weddings and other events, but also for daily wear.

Pepita’s mantra is: “We make clothes the old-fashioned way, one at a time.”

magic-dressNow, in 2019

Pepita’s Magic of the Moon has become Cabo’s fashion icon, and many customers return to buy more clothes to add to their closets. And if something doesn’t fit right or a slight change is needed, no problem, Pepita will take it to her workshop and do the needed alteration.

Pepita’s designs are very feminine and romantic. What I love about her clothes is that any woman puts them on and they just flow perfectly. They fit so well, it’s amazing. She really knows how to make her clothes and where to cut them. She knows which hand-painted fabric suits which skin type, eye color, etc. She is a wizard with her clothes. How do I know? I have watched her dress several ladies; and trust me, she knows her stuff.

magic-me“I love playing dress up when women come into the store,” Pepita says. “I love to make women look thinner, which is all about balancing the shoulders and hips. I love seeing a woman’s face light up when I help her find the best color for her skin and hair, and I love it when a woman walks out of my store saying she had a great time and that she will be back to play dress up again.”

For more info, see Pepita’s website

A Buying Experience

When you walk into Pepita’s store, looking for that special item, Pepita will help you find it. She will select just the right items for you, ask you question after question, and know exactly what fits best for each body type. She will get you dressed, add the perfect accessories, and before you know it, you’ll look like a star and about ten pounds thinner.


I absolutely love her clothes. I bought a beautiful, long, white summer dress which I love to wear, a cool pair of pants in black and white colors, and a nice, long, sleeveless dress in matching green, white, and earthen colors. I love wearing them, and I noticed that they are of a much better quality than most clothes I buy.

magic-beach-dress“I am inspired by dreams, butterflies, fairies, my granddaughters, Cabo San Lucas, driving the Baja Peninsula, the pieces of fabric and anything Bohemian or hippie chic,” Pepita says, never once stopping to sit still as she talks.

Quality is Pride of Workmanship

What about prices? Well, you pay for good quality, don’t you? But here, you don’t just pay for a piece of clothing. You pay for a piece of art, an exclusive item that has no match. There is no same one like it. What you buy at Pepita’s Magic of the Moon makes you the owner of a unique garment. And even if there are several of the same clothes, each one of them has been made, cut, and painted by hand.

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The clothes are expensive, but my father always told me, “cheap often turns out to be expensive.” How often have you bought cheap tank tops and found discolored patches after only a few weeks? That’s where quality clothes last longer.

True, the prices are not like Walmart’s, and I sometimes cringe when I see Pepita’s prices, but quality is an investment worth making. And you are worth it. So many of us don’t remember that, but we should, we deserve the best. We should treat ourselves more, don’t you think?


When I bought Pepita’s clothes for the first time, I only planned to buy one dress, but I ended up buying three items instead. Today, nearly a year later, her clothes still look like new and they feel just as amazing as the first time I put them on. And now I have changed my purchasing habits. I understand about quality clothes now. After talking to Pepita and watching her work, I truly understand what it means to wear quality and art.

Two negatives I noticed:

  1. Some clothes can be impractical due to some pants and dresses being too long (even for me, and I’m tall)
  2. The fabric of a short dress I bought keeps sliding up, so I am constantly pulling it back down over my hips.

A Unique Experience

Pepita is an artist. I know artists, because I am one myself. I am an author. Artists understand each other, whether they are designers, writers, musicians, playwrights, poets, sculptors, or painters. We all have one thing in common: creativity. It takes time to create, to pour your soul into it, and to give it life.


Next time you’re in Cabo, come and visit Pepita’s store. Play dress up with her, she loves doing that, and I can guarantee you that it will be an enjoyable experience. Let Pepita advise you. She honestly knows what is best for each body type and what fits each person best. I have watched her dress customers and she is simply amazing. She just knows what to pick. Come and spoil yourself, and take a unique item – made by Pepita, Cabo’s local designer – back home with you. And if it’s not for you, I’m sure the wife or daughter will also appreciate such a lovely gift 😉






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  1. Oh! This makes me “want” to go there! I would love to talk to this lady and let her play dress up with me. I am so dumb in this area and could use all the guidance I can get. I’m going to have to start planning a vacation now!?

  2. I am heading to Cabo over Christmas. I will have to make sure to budget out so I can stop by and see Pepita. The clothes sound amazing, and I am a gypsy at heart, so the flowy, feminine, romantic garments are up my alley.

    But to be honest, it is more the way you describe the experience. I want to play dress up. I want to have someone, who is so proud in her work, help me find just the right outfit.

    Thank you for writing this review. Otherwise, I might have missed this beautiful shop.

  3. Amazing store! I really like the concept of this store. I always walk into shops, find the designs that I like and then proceed to the fitting room to try, only to realize that most of the designs which I like does not look good on me. Then, I come to a point when I am so tired of trying out clothes.

    I will really be happy to walk into a shop like that – with a professional choosing a suitable outfit for me based on my appearance, color and body shape. I think that will really save me a lot of trouble. Moreover, the professional is someone who creates the beautiful outfits.

    I would love to visit Pepita’s store one day. I am sure it will be a totally different experience for me!

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