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Therapy for Prisoners – Does it Even Exist?

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed my frequent postings of poetry, thoughts, and short essays by Thomas Porter. Thomas is my prison pen pal and in the time we have been writing, friendship has grown.

He has told me about his life and he tells me what he is going through in prison, and much of it is shocking. Regardless of what he did in the past, no one has the right to condemn someone to a lifetime of mental abuse. That’s not justice, that’s torture.

Although there is a councilor for inmates, and some prisons may have some therapy sessions, it is no secret that mental health in prisons is sorely neglected and the support of a qualified therapist is next to nothing.

Therapy for Prisoners - Does it Even Exist?

So, Thomas sent me this a few days ago. I wrote an article about the same topic on my other website Get Through Burnout. Getting a therapist still seems to be a taboo topic. Despite the many mental health issues nowadays, some people may consider it “weak” or an admission that something is “seriously wrong” with them or that they’re “crazy”.

However, if you have a cold, you see the family doctor. If you have a mental health issue, why not see the doctor that is qualified to treat it, the therapist?

Regardless if you’re free or locked up, mental health should be taken seriously. Even in the free world, if you do not take care of this, you imprison yourself with your mind.

Therapy A Healthy Outlet

By Thomas Porter

What do we truly know about fixing that which we can’t see but are affected by nevertheless?

When did therapy become a nasty word or was it thought of as a sign of weakness? I need therapy because I am overwhelmed by my traumatic experiences in this life and I react on impulse instead of thinking through my choices,

I’ve watched the destruction of my family and learnt bad habits of self-destructive behavior so not to be seen for the hopelessness I’ve struggled with within, Healthy huh? No one to speak with that specialized in what I am not knowledgeable about.


You see, we think we know ourselves but it’s moments my own thoughts are something I can’t stand to even touch or even want to act on but whereby did these thoughts come from, what is this called?

I know I need help for the brain damage/mental health issues I struggle to live with and I’ve placed those I love in crisis and committed murder because I didn’t seek the help I long needed,

So my Short-term problem solving central treatment has been building therapeutic relationships built on trust and defined by open collaborative partnership,

So the next time we hear you need help let’s heed the calling, my friends. Therapy is only walking towards a healthier Us.

Thomas Porter

Thomas Porter
Smiling despite his circumstances takes strength – Thomas Porter
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