The New Year of Nirvana – by Thomas Porter

The ultimate religious goals are to release ourselves from worldly desires and limitations, Yet the idea of our spirits achieving the union between soul and the Absolute has became less focused on given the state of our world from Covid, Wars, Humanities Hatred towards ourselves the list goes on,

Yet I’ll be a fool to think liberations from the flames of delusion, ignorance, hatred, and greed isn’t going to just create the forms of Tranquillity nor Healing purity of our damage souls over night, but clearly we are in need of balancedness,

So I ask does our true reality reside on a higher immaterial plane? We all know the corrupt energies of this material world, but the Pure world of the divine can conclude that the only genuine reality is to be found in the spiritual world,

So for this New Year let’s seek out enlightened beings as we delay our destructive behaviors, Simplifying Love to just Loving everyone as we love ourselves and our Creator, Let’s approach each day seeking the lessons of the day even if they are sometimes painful, stressful, trying to our patience or just damn right fucked up, Let’s silence the voices of self-doubts and only falter in healing forms of Kindness, Compassion, & Reliable Truthfulness from Spiritual Sources…

Please let’s never forget we all have a particle of the divine spirit we are imbued with so let’s cultivate it!

Let’s Have A Healing New Year!

Love, Thomas

(written by Thomas Porter)

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