Stones of Value – by Thomas Porter

By Thomas Porter

Let’s Remove I’s, Me’s, & They’s, And Communicate

What would happen if you attempted a connection in communication without the uses of I or Me or even They?

We couldn’t be selfish in our listening nor complaints while seeking only the acknowledgments of the person we are focused on connecting with.

So many times we find ourselves giving so much power to the “I” did this or “They” p*ssed me off because if it wasn’t for “Me” they would not have this or that… These words seem so negative at times, don’t they? Yet, we strive to build love on these words or connect with people on these words when our lives have become selfishly rooted in the negative energies around us.


To have a spiritual connection we must not speak to God without listening for his answer, Only listening for the answer we desire at the time which we know this isn’t the Purity of the connection we truly seek, true? Yet we wonder why there’s an absence in his presence in our lives and why we don’t truly have healthy connections with our family or friends or loved ones.

At times, I believe we ask people “how are you doing” without listening for their full answer, hoping they half tell us about themselves or day so that we can speak about our difficulties or frustrations,

Yet, what if we did listen to our friends wives, mothers, husband’s, children, which is the biggest part of healthy communication by the way? ❤️

What would we hear if we gave ourselves over to sacrificing “I” or “Me” or even “They”? Just expressing concerns for each word spoken reveals a chance for connection, a seeing of them for them and not a sounding board for our circumstances.

The next time we use “I love you” let’s reflect on what is that I rooted in. The next time we use “I don’t care about what you’re saying, it’s about Me” reflect for a moment on that Me, because I believe we are all connected on this journey in some kind of form. Oh, let’s not forget about “They all can kiss my *ss” but it was only one person who’s p*ssed you off. They’ll be expressed as all when we aren’t truly talking about everyone sometimes ❤️

Let’s connect without boundaries, without fears or insecurities, just the hopes we are seen in the words that are heard…

Blessings Of Healthiness, Thomas

Lost before Being Looked For

Within the depths of rivers that run wild are lost stones of value no one has claimed.

We stand closest to the edge peering in waters that show us shadowy reflections shined upon by the sun that gives off its own meanings of what we should see.

Stones of value shaped by the hardness of the rivers pulled and pushed into forms unnoticeable.

Felt smoothed to the touch, considered beautiful in spite of the flaws, but still skipped across waters forgotten as soon as we’ve left the held hand.

Stones of Value - by Thomas Porter

Retrieved, cleaned up, reshaped into something of value, gifted for all to see only to be placed in a box when that love is wounded or disregarded.

Lost to ourselves, hidden in the depths of insecurities desired a form of air for the breath that’s been held for so long seems to be running out.

Find me echoed across the cool waters of continuation.

Are We Stones Of Value?

By Thomas Porter

Thomas Porter

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