Social Distancing Effects – What Are We Doing?

What’s happening right now is unreal, and to be honest, I don’t want to read about it anymore. Although I read all updates on COVID-19, especially concerning my hometown, I am tired of reading about it. I am also saddened at the way many people are reacting, and it makes me wonder, what is happening to us? Are all social distancing effects good? Sorry, I disagree, I don’t think they are, and I will explain why.

Social Distancing Effects

Health has always been of the utmost important to me, and even before COVID-19, I was always careful when I went to places where lots of people gathered, especially in flu season. I always wanted to avoid anyone spreading their germs when I was nearby. I thought it was common sense. It didn’t mean that I was doing social distancing.

schoolI work in a school – now I work from home – and before this pandemic hit, I was always surrounded by my students, and yes, there was always one (or more) who came to school with a cold, or flu, and I’ve also known of a student in primary school of having chickenpox (I’m in junior high).

Such things worried me, they always did. When you’re ill, stay home, don’t come to work or school and infect other people. When a student entered my class ill, I always told him or her to keep a distance from me, because I didn’t want to get ill. I may sound rude – I obviously told them that in a nice way 😉 , and it’s what we’re doing now, isn’t?

I have always made sure I had a balanced and healthy diet with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Of course, sometimes I slipped of the wagon, but that’s normal, isn’t it? It can happen.

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What’s going on?

I used to enjoy grocery shopping, but don’t worry, I am not going to complain about my lost love for shopping trips. The reason I’m writing this is what I see everywhere. Rudeness and reckless behavior.

It was obvious that shopping would no longer be pleasant, but that was just something we had to accept. What I find a little harder to swallow is the rudeness this situation has awakened in some, and the “sorry, not sorry” attitude.


Venting is not cool

While I understand the risks that grocery store employees face, and I follow instructions at those stores as they have been laid out, I have come across a few employees who treated me like an idiot, because I wasn’t aware of certain things; for example an alcohol ban after 4 pm. OK, I was surprised, that was one unimportant update I had missed. The woman, however, treated me as if I had done it on purpose.

I asked if this was now effective in the whole state, that was all, and well … I left the store, a little stunned because of the way she replied, dry and with an “you seriously don’t know this?” attitude.

face mask

I have only one face mask. I have no others, because all the crazy hoarders bought them up and they are all gone! Yes, thank you very much. And I need them to go to the store, because some stores will refuse entry if you don’t have a face mask … So, I got to figure that one out. Perhaps order online, or make them myself.

Today I asked a pharmacist if she had any face masks. She said no and gave me a look. OK, sorry for asking.

It just shows, though, how those maddening hoarders have impacted life for others.

All in all, I have come across much staff that is incredibly nice and friendly, but I have also noticed that more and more staff is getting increasingly impolite. I understand the stress and fear they must be feeling, but venting on customers or treating them like morons is not ideal either, regardless of the situation.

That being said, I’ve also seen customers behave in irresponsable ways, but no one seemed to do or say anything about it on those occasions.

I’ve seen videos of people beating a doctor … And I just ask myself, “Why?” “Why?!”

Seriously, I’m always happy when I’m back home, and not only because I’m no longer exposed there, but also because I’m away from anger and rudeness.


Common Sense

Banks, grocery stores, and establishments that still operate have installed new measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19. I always see people, though, who ignore the instructions, and nobody says anything about it. Then, what is the point of implementing these rules?

A cashier tells me to stay behind the plastic screen, but she says nothing when another customer comes to stand right next to me. I mean, hello?


So, every trip away from home is less and less enjoyable, but not because of social distancing, not because of the new measures that are in place, not because there are limits on what we can buy, but because of people’s behavior.

The world is changing, and so are people, or are they? Are they truly changing or are true colors being revealed …?

It takes nothing away from us to be friendly and to treat others with dignity and respect. It takes nothing away from us to relay new information in a nice way, knowing that sometimes we may miss a certain news update. It takes nothing away from anyone to be nice. And it certainly takes nothing away from us to use common sense and keep a distance when you have to go to town.

Extreme situations either bring out the best or the worst in people. Let’s not allow this to reveal our worst, but our best.

stay safe

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  1. Although, I used to pride myself in being an anti-social person and always avoiding physical contact with people, This pandemic has taken the meaning of social distancing to a whole other level. Right now, staying healthy is the most important things on all our minds and if it means being stuck indoors for several weeks to reduce the pace of the spread of the coronavirus, then it’s what we should do. 

  2. Hi Lila! Yeah, I agree with you, employees could be more friendly during this coronavirus crisis. I kinda understand them too. They may be stressed with all this that’s happening and even scared of getting the virus themselves so they just show their stress acting like that. But I don’t justify them! We need to be even more friendly these days of distress.

  3. Hello Lila.  I think there are a lot of people feeling your pain in how some people are acting in the present situation.  I think social distancing is causing some people to be less social, but the majority of the problem was here even before social distancing.  I think the present situation is exacerbating the situation more because of the information overload people are experiencing.  We are constantly being bombarded with negative news, and we are being closed off from the connections we are used to having with our friends.  Its definitely a unique situation.  I think the best thing to try and do is forget the people that are negative, and accept that they are probably frightened and worried about what’s going on.  Focus more on the good people are doing for each other.  Hope you have a better time there, and remember its not just you experiencing it.  This is affecting the whole world.  Take care.

    1. You are very right. This is affecting the whole world, and it must be hard to work in grocery stores now, day in and day out, I guess it is to be expected that sometimes people lash out. It’s also true that we are being bombarded with so much bad news, which is making things worse. This new way of life is probably hard for many people. I appreciate your comment. Thank you for your input!

  4. Hi Lila,  I liked how easy to read this all is.  My thoughts on the Covid-19 situation are not exactly popular with people, and I want discuss here.  As for the shopping aspect I live in the UK – It is not pleasant for me even without rude staff and other customers.  For starters queueing up I can’t handle – supermarkets make me anxious enough as it is, and the fact I can’t shop as freely as usual is just so overwhelming when I do actually manage to shop I find it’s affecting my mentality – knowing I can’t shop as often as before.  Can’t wait for it be over.  Wish places would take a leaf out of Swedens book – no lockdown and is no different from anywhere else.  

    1. Hi Alex,

      Your situation sounds even worse, queueing for groceries whenever you go shopping must be unpleasant. I also hope that soon we can go back to normal, but I wonder how life will be after this is over.

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