Willie Roy Sauls Jr.

Separate Segregation – a Letter from a Prisoner – by Willie Roy Sauls Jr.

Following up on the letter by Harold M. Laird here comes the second letter, written by Willie Roy Sauls.

The first time I read these letters about the separate segregation unit, it deeply affected me, to such an extent that I put them down and went outside. I’ve always been deeply appreciative of the freedom I enjoy but never before had I felt such gratitude for my freedom than at that moment.

Please find below Willie Roy Sauls’s letter.

Separate Segregation - a Letter from a Prisoner - by Willie Roy Sauls Jr.
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

Greetings to All,

My name is Willie Roy Saul’s Jr. I’m a 46-year-old African American and I’m here for the first time in my life to give voice to a positive cause.

I’m one of the ones that have been buried inside these bars and steel for 31 years. Yes, I’ve been locked up since I was 15, and though it feels like the world forgot me I have not forgotten myself.

I will never stand in front of anyone and portray myself like an angel. I have done some things in my life that I will never be able to live down. However, I know I’m not a bad person, I just made bad decisions. But even a righteous man will fall 7 times. The key is not to stay down.

My purpose in this group is to give the true and shocking details about the hidden hellhole called Separate Segregation – a punishment housing hidden at the Coffield Unit. Being trust rated at life at TDCJ for burying young men in this penitentiary for decades and not caring for our well-being, I began to act out. My anger went to guards, inmates, and I committed assaults, and I was wrong.

So, to set an example out of me I was sent to this hidden housing at only 12 cells. While I have never cried about being punished, TDCJ has gone beyond cruel and unusual punishment with this extreme isolation and illegal policies. Now that I have found new support that’s not afraid of TDCJ (like many passive groups are) I’m willing and ready to be a voice – not only a voice but a reflection of reform and change! I’m here to say that Separate Segregation must be closed down.

Willie Roy Sauls Jr.

In close, please know that I’m a dedicated, determined, passionate, ambitious, and creative person. I spend a lot of my time working out (I’m “iott, tall, lott” [sorry, I couldn’t read this word] built and love push-ups and burpies) I’m always writing my family and love to read all types of books.

Even in the midst of these horrors I enjoy laughing and having fun. I strive to make the best out of every situation. We only have one shot to live life. It’s important to increase our experiences, thus staying positive is key.

I’ll be seeing parole in 2023. It’s where all my focus is, and I’d love help in that area as I’ve done my time and some other people’s. Though I’m at a handicap, probably being here in my late 40s when I could get out, I’ll never come back and I plan to write books (something that I’m doing now).

Pray for me.

If anyone would like to write to me you can below. I’d love to meet new people, but we need people to help us battle this insane thinking by TDCJ. Down with all, up with love.


Willy Roy Sauls Jr. #585935
(Coffield Unit)
2661 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony TX 75884


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  1. Hi Willie,

    It’s hard to imagine life in the prison, let alone the hidden housing at Coffield Unit. It’s good to know that you can cope with all challenges and are not beaten by this cruel and unusual punishment. I believe everyone deserves a chance to start over again, and we cannot judge people by their mistakes; you are not who you used to be anymore.

    I love that you are seeing parole next year and writing books to help others, which is inspiring for me today. 🙂

    Never Stay Down,

  2. Hi Willy

    I’m praying for your freedom and new life when you’re released in 2023.

    We all make mistakes in life but the secret is to learn from them and look ahead. You have a great attitude on life and already recognise you’ve made a mistake and are willing to build you life, making new experiences and welcome positiveness into your life so I have no doubt you will breakthrough and realise all your dreams – just remember it is never too late to start again and we’re never too late – everyday is the right time to start, to live and pursue your dreams.

    May God bless you

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