Reaching for Pearls – What’s Next for Rocio and Jax? – Publishing Schedule

Here comes a little publishing schedule for Rocio and Jax’s story. I already published Reaching for Pearls part 1 and part 2; and part 3 and 4 are coming up this week. I was asked to present a schedule, which I thought was a brilliant idea (thank you so much for this suggestion!). So here it is, some more info on Reaching for Pearls, my book Tales from Los Cabos, and the dates for part 3 and 4.

Part 3 will be published on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020

Part 4 will be published on Saturday, 22 February 2020. The story will conclude in part 4.

Brief Synopsis

Rocio and Jax come from two different worlds. They meet in Los Cabos, Mexico. Rocio is struggling to make ends meet and look after her ten-year-old son Luis. Jax, an expat from New Zealand, has also had a few hard knocks from life. This story is a clash between two cultures, learning to get over misconceptions and prejudices we sometimes have about people from other countries. Rocio has to put her past and her distrust behind her in order to start trusting Jax, but will she be able to make herself vulnerable again?

In this video I will give you more information about Rocio and Jax’s story, feel free to like it on YouTube and please subscribe to my channel 🙂

Tales from Los Cabos is a collection of short stories about life in Los Cabos, Mexico. That is where Rocio’s original story truly began, when she first came to Los Cabos. I mixed different genres in my book, such as love, adventure, comedy, animals, and even a little suspense in a ghost story. There are tales of mischief, love, mismatched couples, a group of friends who are stuck in a condo during a hurricane, a badly planned road trip, the rescue of a spider monkey (that tale is based on true events), and more.

In this video I am talking about my book Tales from Los Cabos and about a few writing projects I have this year. Stay tuned for more publications! 🙂

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  1. Gosh what an interesting Blog/Vlog. Hybrid! As a Scotsman living in NZ I was intrigued by the description of one of your main protagonists (the expat Kiwi)

    I have not had a chance to go back to parts 1 and 2 yet but I have bookmarked this so that I can devour them at a later date.

    Thanks for this I am looking forward to some quiet time to allow me to go and get into your intriguing storytelling.


    1. Hi Hamish,

      How is life in New Zealand? I would love to go there one day.

      Thank you for bookmarking my page 🙂 I hope you like my story 🙂

  2. Stories are a good way to pass messages, like you say we all have prejudices and misconception can be very painful but one can manage them. I love the way you introduced this book. I will check out for it to read and also to ensure I share with folks around me, I believe it will help us appreciate each other’s background and culture

    1. Hi!

      That’s veru true, stories are a good way to pass on messages. Prejudice and misconceptions can sometimes indeed be painful. It all depends.

      Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh my! I’m glad I stumbled upon this. I think this adventure is something I would most certainly love to read about! Is this based on real life events? 
    I’m going to have to read parts 1 and 2 and see what this is all about. I’m bookmarking the page so I can come back and check it out. You have captured my attention. 

    1. Hi Tara,

      The story is not based on real life events, but it has certain elements that are based on real life events. I’m so glad you found my page. Thank you for reading the story! 🙂

  4. Hey Lila C Duville, 

    After reading the first and second episodes of the “Reaching for pearls”. We readers are eager to read the third and fourth episodes. We want the third and fourth episodes to be published very soon. So we’re waiting until February 18th and 22nd. You are working hard for us to write such a beautiful story. So thank you, you deserve more than that. I want you to create many more stories for us in the future. Thanks again for knowing, more about “Rocio and Jax” from the video above. For regular updates also, I subscribed to your YouTube channel. And I will tell everyone to subscribe to your channel.

  5. Your story about mixed cultures coming together and facing new challenges reminds me of a reality TV series where couples of different meet and look for a place to live. Usually in a totally different country. Their tastes are so different yet they manage to come to a compromise. 

    What I notice is in relationships there are no compromises on specific issues. Always one party gives in to the other. As long as this alternates where the giving in is shared, all will be well. When it turns out that always one party is making the compromise, eventually resentment will set in.

    When  two different cultures are involved it requires the parties to be sensitive to each others needs. This is easier said than done. In the case of Roccio and Jax I feel that the jury is still out because of existing prejudices and misconceptions.


    1. True, one party ends up giving in to the other. I have seen that growing up with my parents who are both from different countries. When one party always gives in, resentment automatically grows, I agree. There has to be a balance. Let’s see what life has in store for Rocio and Jax 🙂

      Thank you for visiting!

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