the universe

Poems Written by Inmates – Thomas Alexander Porter – I am raw, I am heart, I am soul, I am inspired

I am raw

I am heart, I am soul

I am inspired

I am nothing, I am everything

I am I

I am who I want to be

I am the Universe

I am not nothing, yet nothing can be so much

Do not reject nothing

for it can be everything

I am everything

I am I, I am you, We are One

I am

For only I am

We are


As One

We are!

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    By reading your poems, you always focus on the bright side of life even though your current situation isn’t ideal. You still do it quite well to be optimistic. This poem also shows me that I don’t get much attached to things that I don’t have but look at what I have on my hands already. So thanks a lot for this poem. It’s short yet powerful. I will love to read more from you.


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