Poem, Hopes, Dreams – A Song Not Yet Sung

Today I woke up to a beautiful morning, ready to start another great day. Lockdown has not kept me restricted. On the contrary, it gave me time to work on my projects, to write fiction and also poems about hopes and dreams.

Every day has been filled with positivity and hard work to reach my goals, but as it goes in a chart, sometimes the lines tilt downwards and then they go up again. After waking up and having a nice, filling breakfast, the line began to tilt down a little due to several events and emotions.

poem hopes dreams - a song not yet sung

So, I dropped everything and sat in my hammock, to regain composure and peace. As I sat there, I listened to the silence of nature, the bees zooming over the flowers, the birds tweeting happily and the wind brushing by, singing its gentle song. A poem awoke. And I thought to share it here with you.


A Song Not Yet Sung

As I sit here

And the owl hoots from afar

Wisdom is not near

And hope seems a distant star


Only yesterday I held hope in my hands

And my goals were so clear

Today it tilts down from its stand

And I am overtaken by fear

how to stay focused

Will I succeed?

She got there in 3 months

I, after more than a year

Am still here, with no earned funds

where are the funds

And I wonder

Will it happen for me one day?

How much longer

Until I can reap the rewards and stay

To gain what I worked for in 14 months

Just like her, live off those funds


Like the lines in a chart

Today, mine points down

Its energy, spent too hard

But hope is never far

I can reach the stars, even from the ground


I just need to get up

And believe it can be done

And to my laments, I’ll put a stop

Who said this road would be pure fun?


Belief keeps you going

Believe in yourself and throw those worries away

“What ifs” only stop you from flowing

Stay on this road and you’ll reach your objectives one day


My hammock swings

Birds sing to me today

Much louder than usual, surrounding me with their song

Chirping, and telling me that I am strong

It is my month, the month of May

My song is taking shape, and soon I will also sing



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  1. Hello,

    I appreciate a lot your diligence for writingabout “Poem, Hopes, Dreams – A Song Not Yet Sung”.Yes, you are doing great work because you are using lockdown as a great opportunity to work on your projects.

    Continue inspiring people not to get worried about the pandemic and lockdown by doing something different than usual. Great work.Blessings.

  2. Thank you for this post, you write beautiful poetry! I am not one to slow my life down and just observe nature around me, like you say you have, but I tried to at least slow down to read this poem and it was so relaxing.

    I think it is important that we do this every once and a while, even though I am not one to do so, but I really should. Thank you for sharing this moment of peace with us all!

    1. Hi Joe,

      Sometimes slowing down a little might be just what we need, especially in this crazy world today. It can help recapture our energy and bring a feeling of peace.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. This is a very personal piece of writing. I was fillied with happiness in the opening paragraph and then in the final line of the second paragraph you say ‘the line began to tllt down due to several events and emotionss’. This left me feeling rather sad and I felt for you as you regained composure in you hammock whilst surrounded by the birds singing.

    The poem you write is a little sad but grows more posiive at towards the end.

    You are finding it hard to reach you goal. You fear that it is not possble and you have worked hard for nothing so far, but do stay strong, stick to your goals and keep reaching up.

    I enjoyed readiing this. 

  4. Heloooo Dear, a big thanks to you for sharing this beautiful and motivating or rather inspiring poem, wow I have really been touched by it…. It’s so we’ll articulated and well arranged, I so much love the lines. They are filled with so much hope. It gives me a reason to always believe in myself and throw away those worries. Thanks for this poem I am really blessed by it. 

  5. I must confess that this is quite an intriguing when you’ve got here I’ve always loved and wanted to be a poetry writer but along the road I couldn’t focus more cuz I was distracted by other businesses that I had to do, but I still have the zeal to become a writer I hope to get a class where I could be trained on how best to go on it thanks anyway for changes and triggering content…

    1. Hi Evans,

      There are writing courses, but you can also just start writing. You never know what comes flowing out of the pen. If writing seems daunting, then it is also a good idea to organize your thoughts in bullet points before you start writing the blog post, story, or any other form of literature. 

  6. Hi Lila, what a lovely poem. I can really resonate with your poem, as there are days I am super excited about my personal project and there are days that I just want to give up. My flaw is that I keep comparing myself with others who seem to succeed much faster than I, but then my partner always reminds me to not compare ourselves to other people, because circumstances are always different. I guess our time will come soon!

    1. Hi Fernanda!

      Your partner is right. Don’t compare yourself to others. Someone told me a few days ago that we can only compare ourselves to a previous version of ourselves and improve on that.

      Our time will indeed come soon!

      Have a great day!

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