Pandora – By Joshua Grant – A Book Review

This book was a pleasant surprise. I had recently downloaded several books on my Kindle Unlimited, and I wasn’t sure which one to read first. The title Pandora spoke to me; nevertheless, I continued browsing. I kept on coming back to Pandora though, over and over again, re-reading the cover blurb, and finally I caved. That was the book I wanted to read. So, off I went on another page turning adventure. 🙂


After rescuing the sole survivor from the research vessel La Magia, cruise ship Emerald Rose disappears without a trace. The ship reemerges a week later transmitting a single word—Pandora. Business tycoon Patrick Carver organizes a team to investigate. Aubrey Pittenger, for reasons beyond her, is a member of the team that is sent out to discover what happened. Having no experience in rescue or battles, she is the odd one out in this team of mercenaries and soldiers. She’s just a doctor who spent the last year suffering from the loss of her little girl, but when Carver makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she finds herself on her way to the wrecked Emerald Rose and the dark evil that flits through its once elegant hallways.

Mercenary Julian Eduardo receives a similar offer. Having left behind a life of violence, he now fights to make sure his little brother Ricardo won’t have to follow in his blood soaked footsteps. But all is not as it seems aboard the Emerald Rose, and evil rears its ugly head in many ways. Carver’s team will have to band together if they want to survive the night and find the essence of hope, the hope they’ve all been searching for, the distant promise at the bottom of Pandora’s Box.


My Review

This story shows an interesting new take on the myth of Pandora’s box, weaving together two old legends into a terrifying tale. Watcher, the monster, scared the wits out of me. He was creepy and unpredictable, always leaving me on the edge of my couch and turning the pages to see what was going to happen next.

The main characters, Aubrey and Julian, are intriguing and real. I also couldn’t help noticing the dramatic descriptions, starting in chapter 1. There was a moment where the author describes rain drops on a taxi window, and it was so beautifully done, that I had to re-read it. I loved how he made it real for me. I could see the rain drops at night, making me see through Aubrey’s eyes.

Finally, as if the spinning of old legends with modern times isn’t enough, the author adds two surprising twists in the end. No, I did not see those coming, and they seriously caught me off guard.


My Opinion

Lately I have been finding several indie book treasures which turned out to be much better than some traditionally published books. Having said that, there is a whole list of traditionally published authors who are absolutely amazing, but I have also come across some books from publishing houses that I didn’t like. I think it is time to give indie authors the credit they deserve. There are some incredible reads out there.

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So, do I recommend Pandora? Yes, definitely! It’s a page turner, it has plenty of action and suspense, a good story line, a creepy monster, surprising villains, breath stopping moments, and some incredible twists and turns. It turns out that I got my hands on another first book in a series or perhaps a story that is divided in two books, and I am really looking forward to reading the second installment of Pandora.

If you like horror, fantasy, myths, suspense, and a story that will keep you guessing, then Pandora is for you. It’s available in Kindle and paperback.

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  1. Wow! This is surely a story that I would be intrigued to read on. Pandora by Joshua grant seems like an excellent story going by what I read here concerning the synopsis. To be honest, I love thrillers and horrors and the way this book is presented, it seems like it covers the two together. I like the new world view it is presenting to the Pandora’s box myth. It should be a worthy read.

  2. You caught my attention with Pandora when the ship vanishes without a trace after the sole survivor is rescued and then it reemerges a week later. 

    This is enough to get me to go and buy the book. I love science fiction and mysteries, especially ones in space.

    Do you like reading on things like Kindle better or reading a real book? My daughter and I have talked about this a lot lately and we both like to hold the book in our hands and read it rather than reading words on a screen.

    What is your favorite method of reading?

    1. Hi Rick,

      I prefer holding a book in my hands, it feels so much better, but I have also read e-books on Kindle. Kindle is easier, you don’t have to carry the books around, but I noticed that after reading on my Kindle for a while, my eyes start getting tired. I just love the feeling of a paperback in my hands, it makes a book more personal 🙂

  3. From reading the synopsis I can say I am already hooked. My mind quickly went to a movie scene with investigators and probably deadly secrets. I now get where the term ‘Pandora Box’ came from,

    I also love twists to a story. I enjoy moments where the obvious is broken and the unexpected is thrown in. I would really love to get my hands on this book. Sounds like a really great read.

    Thank you for this intriguing review.

  4. Pandora sounds fascinating!  The way you describe Joshua Grant’s ability to convey to his readers what is going on in a scene is worthy of buying the book.  I also love a good horror/thriller. The indie book scene is amazing on Kindle. Thanks for sharing this intriguing book with us!


    1. Hi Jay,

      Yes, there were some great descriptions in this book. I’m happy to share my review here 🙂 And I’m looking forward to part 2 🙂 

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. How llo Lila thanks for your wonderful review on this book. Art is indeed a very wonderful things and the ability to create life from what doesn’t exist and make everyone believe it without doubt makes you an artist. Following your short description of book, I was already adjusting as though I was reading the real book. Choice of word(diction)  in Amy work of art is something that draws a work to am individual and that’s why you find yourself reading some lines twice and even smiling at some well described action in a book. I look forward to getting this book for myself and seeing mote of yours  review. Till then, stay safe.

    1. Hi Dane, it is indeed wonderful to stop at a beautiul description or one that touches you, re-read it, and let it stick, or bookmark the page where you found that description. I’m looking forward to the next book to review 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  6. It was the cruise ship in the story that hit my hot buttons. When the Emerald Rose disappears without a trace and later emerges transmitting the single word Pandora, that told me something spooky is going on. I always have had fears of the concept of Pandora’s Box. To me that means unleashing uncontrollable horrors. Any story that creates suspense at this level draws my attention. 

    Thanks for sharing this book with us. Although I do not read novels of late I might relent and get this one. And I may even check out other works by Joshua Grant.


    1. Hi Edwin, there are some spooky scenes in this book, just like the synopsis promises 😉 If you get this book some time, enjoy 😊

  7. ooohh!  Sound scary story to me….Perfect for the month of October because it is scary month.  You are right that the book give anyone creepy one.  I’d prefer suspense story,  but scary book is fine. I’m sure that anyone want to read the scary book.   One day, I will read that one.  Thanks for sharing that scary story with us!

    1. You’re right, it’s a good book for the month of October. Halloween, creepy, booh 😉 

      Thanks for visiting, Carolyn! 

  8. Getting into doing some book reviews, myself, I enjoyed reading this article and while the title ‘Pandora’ didn’t have the same effect on me, your review was excellent nonetheless for what sounds like an excellent book. I’m an author, and it’s cool to see other authors in the game intertwining different legends with their own unique twists. Plotlines involving such elements makes me want to take a look at the work. I liked the premise as well, and the work itself seems to have a compelling protagonist. All of which makes a good read. 

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