Overworked and Undervalued – by Thomas Porter

Have You Seen This Person?

They are overworked and undervalued, appreciated only when they have given so much of themselves that they have no energy left to restore their levels of endurance.

They haven’t seen their genuine smile in many years, nor do they know their reasons of purpose outside of the title provider.

overworked and undervalued - by Thomas Porter
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They carry burdens weighed in enormous what if’s and if only.

And the sight of the morning Sun is only a sorry reminder to hit the floor running.

Tears mix with the morning showering water. They avoid looking at the mirror while cleansing their teeth because it will showcase the sadness in their eyes that held so much life before.

Voicing good morning when their inner selves wish everyone would just shut the hell up and see they are not alright.

Accomplished payments of morgue property tax and formed security, but forever longing to be held and given a chance not to think for everyone.

So I ask, have you seen this lost person missing their valuable selves? So lost in this world of accomplishments and providing that they can’t Love themselves enough to listen to their bodies asking for a break. Why haven’t we seen the Sun for the healing it can provide and find our voice to say “No, I can’t do it today”? Why can’t we sit in the warmth of our homes or apartments and not think of work or what everyone else needs us to do or complete? Why not?

Let’s find ourselves if only for moments within a day, to think freely and embrace ourselves without being ashamed that we didn’t give our all to whatever task was placed on our to do list. Let’s be selfish in moments we really aren’t mentally there and on the doorstep of anxiety or depression,

Love Ourselves As Much As We Give Ourselves To Everything In This Journey ❤️

#TeamStayStrong! & #TeamStayHealthy!


Although Thomas has been locked away from society for nearly 15 years now, I think he hit the hammer on the nail with this text. He describes the stressed lives of many, overworked, underpaid, and undervalued. That can’t be what life is about. We were not born to merely exist, but to live.

live your life
Photo by Julian Jagtenberg in Pexels

Working endless hours for someone else in exchange for a pittance isn’t worth it, even if the payment happens to be great. Putting yourself through so much strain isn’t worth it. Burnout is the disease of today and it feels terrible when it happens to you. Don’t go there. Don’t push yourself to the limit. When burnout hits it takes a long time to heal … Believe me, I’ve been there.

Loving ourselves isn’t selfish, it is necessary. How can we expect others to respect and even love us if we treat ourselves with a lack of love? Self-acceptance and self-love are a must. It doesn’t make you self-centered – that’s an entirely different thing.

Society places many demands on us. I loath most of them, but I realize that we have to comply with them. So, I go along with it all, the endless lines at the banks, the protocols that are (irritatingly so)based on numbers and not people, and so on, and so on.

I guess, I decide to put up with it when it’s time to go out into the world again, but after that unavoidable stuff is done, make sure you get back to your own world; a world of relaxation, your little haven, away from it all, to meditate, eat the chocolate, love yourself. We must make sure to keep a line between work/society’s annoyances and our own space (love, sanity, our freedom).

If you see the person Thomas described in the mirror, please pamper him/her. You deserve it.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk in Pexels
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