Oh, Love – by Thomas Porter

Oh Love

Specific and sacred as you are, so many don’t truly know the values of your name,

I can’t imagine life without your presence, but find myself at times wanting to give you a different definition.

You have influenced me with a majestic song heard through the deafness of my brokenness.

You have made me grateful when my life didn’t seem necessary, Brave in the face of circumstances committed to break me into pieces whereby I couldn’t find myself in.

Oh, Love - by Thomas Porter
Photo by Marianna Smiley on Unsplash

Oh Love, it was your screaming of my name into the depths of me: “Survive!”
I’ve asked you, Love, “What does it mean to love someone who has lost their lease on reality turned into news headlines, abandoned, left for dead?”

You answered by showing yourself wholly, sharing in my grief, proving I am not alone, risking much, never complaining, but before I could get comfortable, you asked me if I could ever be capable of loving a Love so huge and unapologetic?

I smiled and said, “Are you telling me I should learn to forgive myself? How?”

It’s when you said so simply “Love!” that’s when I knew how precious you really are.

Oh Love, thank you for showing me the beauty of you down to my very skeleton, Please Never Change ❤️

By Thomas Porter

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  1. Oh, love is really the greatest, isn’t it?

    It makes us see the good in ourselves, celebrate our strength and gives us the will to do better, be better, love purer.
    “I smiled and said, “Are you telling me I should learn to forgive myself? How?””
    And beyond receiving love from others, Thomas says it is also the forgiveness you give yourself too. It is in forgiving yourself, others and the world.

    This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Lila,

    Thanks for sharing Thomas’s poem about love. I think it expresses how universal love is no matter what your circumstances. If we have love in the deepest of our hearts, we will have the courage to face all challenges in life. If we don’t, we might lose faith and give up everything. His poem made me think deeper. 🙂


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