My Emotionally Different Team - by Thomas Porter

My Emotionally Different Team – by Thomas Porter

The hating of others for being different has been so overly endured that I believe we have lost ourselves hiding from or trying to fit in so that we won’t be on the outs of the popularity mob.

I call these The storms of Hate! It’s accepted by the emotionally different because striving to get people to understand our differences is quite taxing on our emotional spirits.

We who are emotionally different have a fundamental Unique dispersion by being connected with our emotions. Yet our emotions are like forms of sand.

My Emotionally Different Team - by Thomas Porter
Photo by Daniel Jurin on Pexels

A negative hateful storm can leave us firm, at times enduring even. As we also know, a fast running heavy surf makes our emotional beach flat and smooth, void of ourselves, while a longish period of calm weather leads to a disintegration of this suffered surface with the disappearance of the moisture that binds the particles of our sand together.

Yet, when we turn our eyes inward and take account of what damage this hateful storm has left behind, it makes me think, “Why should our emotions be exiled to connect with the same people who can’t accept Us as we are?”

Please know that the place or box one’s placed in doesn’t make any healthy contribution to peace of mind. It’s the spirit of our emotions that makes everything agreeable to ourselves; that’s what truly matters.

I’ve seen people sunk into the gloom in the most cheerful and delightful circumstances, It’s because they want to be disconnected from their emotions, Made of iron so to say.

Yet My Emotional Different Team, We have precious connections able to have pieces of our true friends within us and accepted wholeheartedly by our emotional connected spirits by remembering that our Million Dollar Spirits are never absent from one another. We are seen daily and felt, even more, trying to fit in ❤️

My different people who share in my studies, my meals, my walks, Life would be restricted indeed if there were any barrier to our imaginations. I see you, My dear Emotional Differences.

Those who are seen as quiet, please Know it’s necessary as the tears that flow out of our eyes because we can’t bear not being seen; how we should yet be boxed in by way of these Hateful Popular Storms,

Hate is a harmful consequence to their inactive emotional capabilities so they seek to put Us down for our overactive emotional responses.

Please, Be You, whether it’s Emotionally difficult to be around people or ourselves but let’s learn from the hateful conflicts people create within us that it’s their issues and not our own at the moment of Us enduring.

By Thomas Porter

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  1. Hi Christine, It is good to read more of Thomas’s work again. He is clearly very talented. It is a shame he is not able to run a blog himself as would be very popular I think. I personally really can understand his philosophy to a degree. People whether they choose to be or not are I would say afraid of each other. Any word with phobic on the end means fear like. Phobia is fear state. I think to what Thomas is saying the hate people show for others, even their lack of decorum is because they don’t understand other people’s differences and typically as a human race we hate what we can’t conquer and fear what we don’t understand.

    1. Hi Alex,

      That’s so very true, “we hate what we can’t conquer and fear what we don’t understand.”
      I always love reading Thomas’s words and philosophies. I agree that if he had his own blog, it owuld be popular.

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