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Here’s more work by Thomas Porter.

First the short piece, the longer writing is below 🙂


May I live conscious of my debt to all the people who make my life worthy of living each day without the burdens of doubts of my love, loyalty, and appreciation.

To whom do I owe these gifted symbols of my survival?

Intellectual Faith, can it be disagreements or differences in how we achieve this? Can one have intellectual faith without structural rules of religion?

There is power in differences and on my journey I’ve also seen oppression in the very words that we strive to live out in our physical engagements towards humanity. Yet, isn’t God’s Love a privilege?

Conflicts of Faith can be direct and named as we know in history, but let’s focus if we will on that which is indirect and overwhelmingly felt, I told my friend I wasn’t angry with God and she said 7 years ago in our first meeting I expressed anger towards God, There laid my rooted conflictive intellectual faith,

Rarely is anger pointed in the right direction, but yet God takes all of our anger and name-calling along with the pointing of blames that touches everything within us that makes us feel uncomfortable, Yet have we ever thought what would an honest conversation with The Creator be like? Yes, I know, intellectual faith doesn’t allow us supportive conversation many on this spiritual journey may think, but it really does through Meditation!

Please don’t think these reflective Meditations won’t bring on suffering, remembrance of loss, and a mirror of why we’ve given up on The Creator,

Yet, does intellectual faith make us analyze the Creator’s works? Can critique ideally help us grow collectively? Within this, is it a form of control?

So, the presence of intellectual faith, is it more ideas, beliefs, or aspects of our circumstances in today’s world? My whole life I’ve been fighting wars, whether mentally, emotionally, or physically, but I’ve never truly felt I had intellectual faith, Intellectual knowledge of foundations of religions, yes, but the practices of how to achieve what I’ve been speaking of eludes me.

So I ask how do we keep God out of the Box?

By Thomas Porter


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