Free Style Poem – The Poison in You

aloneThis poem was inspired by someone who is very close to me. When he is overcome by anger, it consumes him like poison, and as much as he would like to change, he takes no steps to do so. As much as he yearns for his rage to stop hurting the ones he loves, he keeps on reverting to it as his only method to resolve conflicts, pushing everyone away.

I am waiting for the day when he will inspire happier and more harmonious poems in me. Although I walked away from it all, my heart feels pain for him and I pray for him to find the will to change, the courage to take action to change, and guidance to stay on the right track.

As usual, I wrote this poem in Spanish, but I will add the English translation here. Translating a poem is always a challenge, but I do my best to keep the same tone and feeling.

When I write fiction I do it in English, but when I write a poem it’s always in Spanish. Who knows why I do that …



English Version

The Poison


That poison you took invades you

Invades you slowly

Caresses your tongue

Passes through your throat

And it goes down, down

Without your help

Alone, so alone

And yet in company

And you can’t live without this poison

That invades you

And conquers you

It kills you

Day by day

It kills your soul

Your spirit

It destroys your heart

And even so, you can’t be without this poison

You can’t

And when light finds you

When light wants to brighten your darkness

The light of love

The light of friendship

The light of forgiveness

You reach for it


You breathe it in like the fresh air your body needs

You drink it like the water of life

You eat it, wishing to nourish your dark soul

But your poison

The poison you have in you,

That has been invading you all your life

Your short life

That poison doesn’t leave you

It doesn’t allow you to grab the light

That poison traps the light

And it takes it out!

Kicks it out!

With an enormous sigh

And such hatred and rage

Which you cannot control



This poison is all you know

The light frightens you

Goodness, love, and tenderness that you yearn for

will vanish your poison

It is so comfortable in your veins

You wallow in your poison

Poison that is rotting your soul and rotting your body

Poison that is keeping you alive

Its secret is that it will be your death

First the death of your soul

And when your soul has abandoned you

Your body will be defeated as well

By this poison you have carried in you with such pride

This poison that will kill you


Version Español



El Veneno


Ese veneno que tomaste te invade

Te invade lentamente

Acaricia tu lengua

Pasa por tu garganta

Y se baja, se baja

Sin tu ayuda

Solo, tan solo

Y tan acompañado

Y tu no puedes vivir sin ese veneno

Que te invade

Y te conquista

Te mata

Te mata dia por dia

Te mata tu alma

Y tu espíritu

Te mata tu corazón

Aun así, tu no puedes sin este veneno

Tu no puedes


Y cuando te encuentra la luz

Cuando la luz quiere iluminarte

La luz del amor

La luz de la amistad

La luz del perdón

Lo agarras

Estiras tu mano

Estiras tu mano con desesperacion

La inhalas como el aire fresco que tu cuerpo necesita,

La tomas como el agua de la vida,

La comes, deseando nutrir tu alma negra

Pero tu veneno

El veneno que tienes en ti,

Que te ha estado invadiendo toda tu vida

Toda tu vida corta

Ese veneno no te deja

No te permite tomar la luz

Ese veneno atrapa la luz

Y la saca!

La saca a patadas

Con un suspiro enorme

Y un odio y una rabia

Que no puedes controlar

Pa’ afuera!


Ese veneno es todo lo que sabes

La luz te da miedo

La bondad, el amor, el cariño que tanto anhelas

Haces desaparecer a favor de tu veneno

Que tan cómodo está en tus venas

Te revuelves en tu veneno

El veneno que está pudriendo tu alma y pudriendo tu cuerpo

Ese veneno es lo que te mantiene vivo

Su secreto es que te llevará a la muerte

Primero la muerte de tu alma

Y cuando tu alma ya te abandonó

Tu cuerpo también será vencido

Por ese veneno que has cargado con tanto orgullo

Ese veneno que te va matar

By Lila C. Duville


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  1. What an amazing poem! I actually just watched a Ted talk all about how our anger and rage is not always a bad thing if we can channel the anger into a positive light. I wonder if that’s also possible to do with true poison within you, or if the poison  is always a bad thing that will rot away 

    1. Interesting point. I have to think about that. I once read that “anger is not our highest power”, we should recognize it, accept it for what it is, and let go of it. I think that’s easier said than done, but it is doable if the will is there. Thank you for your great comment!

  2. A Poison Tree” that inspired by someone who is very close to me explores how individuals choose to handle their anger differently in regard to their friends and enemies.In the first quatrain, the speaker describes how he explained his anger to his friend, which resolved his negative feelings. The rest of the poem, however, describes how the speaker holds onto to his anger against an enemy. Because he does this, the anger grows and grows.

  3. wow that was amazing and it took me to another place , like a good book. It is very creative.

    why do you write a poem in Spanish? I really like the poem and the pictures are awesome.

    Anger seems to be a real problem . I know alot of people like this…. shannon

  4. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. Poems are gateway to ones soul. And they refresh the mind. What a lovely poem you have here. Although I had to translate the lower part in other to understand it fully. I think the effect of poetry on our lives cannot be over emphasized. Thank you for the post

    1. Hello,

      The lower part was in Spanish, and the upper version was the English translation. So, there was no need for you to translate 😉

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. That was a very thought-provoking poem, Lila.

    I take it your friend has a bit of a drinking problem, am I right? I’m not passing any judgment here, as I too have had my share of rage-inducing demons in the past. I don’t drink like I used to, but I still smoke daily. It’s a different kind of beast but it’s still hard to overcome.

    I think your words ring true. Your friend needs to feel the comfort and compassion of others in order to get through it all. It’s what many of us need in order to get over challenges, also because everything is much harder when you feel alone.

    Thank you for this, it’s left me with much to think about.


    1. Hi Tyson, 

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. My friend doesn’t have a drinking problem, but there were drugs in his past, and he now smokes cigarettes every day … I want to help him, but maybe he has to want to get help first, I don’t know … It’s a little difficult. I keep on having faith though.

  6. Hi

    What a wonderful poem, so full of meaning.  We all have our own poisons, our fall back positions that we refer to when things go wrong. You want to change, do better but you cannot. It is just to hard to do. You must really care for your friend and this comes across strongly in the poem.

    I am lead to believe that artists get more from sadness and misery, rather than  from being content and happy. Just think about the number of songs about heartache rather than the positives of love.

    Thanks for the poem.


    1. Hi Antonio,

      Perhaps, artists should find happier inspirations, not only sadness, right? That’s something to think about 🙂

  7. Hi, this is a very hard core  poem.  Is English your first language  or is this a translation from Spanish?

    I enjoyed reading it  and I like the poison analogy.  My interpretation is it’s the pain that we keep inside. For example the hatred for ourselves or for others.  A very deep and meaningful poem. Great work. 

    1. Hi Jake,

      Flemish is my first language, and I live in Mexico. I speak English and Spanish every day. The English version is translated from Spanish.

      Thank you for the complement!

  8. I think that Spanish is a more romantic language and evokes more emotion.  Perhaps that is why you do your poetry in Spanish first.  I must say that the translated version is still excellent.  It’s interesting that “the poison” may not be just applied to rage but to many negative emotions that people allow themselves to wallow in without seeking help.  Your poetry truly is both lovely, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking.

    1. Hi,

      Very true, the “poison” can be applied to many negative emotions, not just rage. Thank you for your comment!

  9. Hey Lila, Thanks for writing such hearth touching poem ‘The Poison in You’. Your gives us ability to exhale the poison. Your poem is awesome. I know writing a poem is not an easy process. You write a very awesome and heart touching poem. It will definitely take out our poison (anything we don’t like in my views). I enjoyed a lot while reading your poem. Thank you. Parveen.

    1. Hi Parveen,

      Thank you for stopping by! Yes, writing a poem isn’t always easy, especially when it’s so close to the heart. 

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