Dragos and Holmes – By Lorena Cassady – A Book Review

Sherlock-HolmesWhere to begin? This book took me on quite the ride … Not only was the genre different from what I usually read, but Sherlock Holmes was also shown in an entirely different light. Placing the cold, intellectual detective with a dashing, impulsive Romanian noble man in an adventure, mystery, and MM romance sounded intriguing, so I picked up the book. Previously, I reviewed Her Perilous Journey by the same author. If you’d like to know more about Lorena Cassady, please check my review on Her Perilous Journey .


The world’s greatest detective has a secret. Ever since his schooldays at Eton the seemingly cool headed Sherlock Holmes has harbored an irresistible attraction to Dragos, a young Roma man who is as impulsive and troublesome as Holmes is calculating and reserved. In the midst of this passionate love affair, Dr. Watson resents this intrusion. He often feels like the fifth wheel on the wagon and objects to Dragos’ s dramatic exits and re-entries into their lives.


When Holmes is called to inspect the murder of a young boy, it turns out that Holmes and Dragos knew the victim. On the quest to solve this murder, Dragos has to face painful memories of his past while Holmes and Watson keep on digging to find the truth.

This mystery leads them from the victim’s mother’s dingy London flat to the grand Spanish estate of the boy’s grandfather where more secrets are uncovered and questions arise about the boy’s father.

My Review

In this m/m romance, we see Sherlock Holmes in a completely new light. Although the story starts with the murder of the boy, it also focuses a lot on the tempestuous relationship between Dragos and Holmes. It is a passionate love affair with a long history that started in Eton where they first met.

Although it is clear that they love each other they also cannot be together. Dragos has left the dry disappointmentdetective many times. They can’t be with or without the other. Pressure usually builds up and Dragos sails off on another journey. But when his anger cools he always returns to Holmes, usually bringing trouble with him. Throughout the story I kept on wondering if these two would end up together or not, and I was hoping that they would.

The murder mystery takes the detective and his ever faithful Watson on a journey to Spain where the victim’s family history leads them on a new trail. Danger and intrigue meet them on the way, which Holmes faces effortlessly in his dry and calculating manner. His brilliant mind is as keen as ever.

My Opinion

While this is not a genre I usually read, I really enjoyed the story. Dragos is an intriguing, handsome, sexy, and alluring bad boy, irresistible to Holmes (and to the reader). Besides causing trouble, he also shows cunning and strength, and makes himself useful in the murder investigation.

Lorena Cassady does Holmes’s character justice, describing him exactly as we know him, dry, intelligent, and resourceful. I enjoyed following his every step while he went about on his investigation. Sometimes I felt like diving into the book though and give him a good shake, because he somehow always managed to drive Dragos away.


The side characters are also interesting and complicated. For example, Anca, Dragos’s cousin, is a strong woman who finds herself alone in London after surviving a recent tragedy. Anca is definitely my favorite side character, very three-dimensional, I was relieved to see much of her in the story.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly. There are, however, some crude sex scenes in the story, which is not for everyone. If you’re OK with that, then you can go ahead and get the book. It’s a good page turner, and it ends with a cliffhanger, but not to worry, the second installment in the Dragos and Holmes series is already out and it is just as good 🙂 (Yes, I read that one too)

Dragos and Holmes is available as Kindle and in paperback.

250x250 ; 3/17


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  1. This sounds like a really interesting read. After watching shows about Sherlock Holmes on TV I’ve always meant to read some books but the genre never really interested me. This one, with more of a love story component mixed in, sounds like it would be a good one for me to try! I’m glad to hear there are also some strong female characters in the book as I don’t really like reading books that are just about men.

    1. Hi Emily, It was a very interesting read. Anca is a strong female character who often appears thorughout the story. The love story between Holmes and Dragos is intense. It’s a very enjoyable read. 

  2. What a great review of Dragos and Holmes. I have not read any Sherlock Holmes books in a long time. This sounds like it is interesting. I have always loved mystery and adding some romance could not hurt. Bonus of a strong female character. Thank you for taking the time to write this review. 


  3. My favourite kind of books are detective sleuth stories and I have read hundreds of them. However, a character I have been fascinated with ever since I was a little girl is Sherlock Holmes. The cold, calculating detective who solves difficulties with logic rather than violence. I love the methodical approach he tackles his problem. However, it’ll be intriguing to read a book about the detective being an homosexual. The new character, Drogos seems like it brings a new dynamic to the story. It’ll sure be fun getting to read about Watson and Drogos bickering with each other while trying to get Sherlock’s attention. 

    1. Hi Amanda,

      You’ll probably enjoy this book. It was a great read, and Dragos definitely brings a new dynamic to the story 🙂 

  4. Hi Lila. 

    Thanks for providing this overview of Dragos and Holmes. Me and my girlfriend are going away in a couple of weeks and it sounds like it may be right up her alley. Roughly how many reading hours would you say this is? I’ll think grab this one for her; but may need to get someone else, dependant on how long this book is.

    1. Hi Nate,

      It’s not a very thick book, I finished it in 2 days. I don’t think it has that many reading hours, it will be enough for a flight duration 🙂

  5. I absolutely love the sound of this book.  An intriguing and completely different stance on the wonderful Sherlock Holmes. It sounds like the perfect read – thriller, tempestuous love and complexity all rolled into one.  This is a great review, and I am certainly sold.  I will order it and will let you know my thoughts.

    Thanks again,


  6. Sherlock Holmes and Dragos sounds like a well crafted, unusual ‘take’ on an under-used character. I read a few of the novels by Arthur Conan Doyle, when I was younger, but of late I have been more taken by Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the super sleuth. In the first epiosde of the serial mini-series, Watson mistook holmes questions as a forerunner to a possible ‘date’. So maybe it has always been there under the surface, just waiting for the talent of Lorena Cassady to fulfil that hidden promise. I enjoy characters being ‘tweaked’ in somewhat unexpected directions. Well worth a gander, I dare say. Excellent review, makes me want more, for sure.

    1. You’re right. Perhaps it was there, hidden under the surface. It actually seemed to match perfectly and Lorena Cassady certainly did a great job to indeed fulfil that hidden promise. 

  7. What an interesting take on a Sherlock Holmes detective story!  I always find it intriguing when an author takes a well known character or story and throws in a serious twist.  In this case the male romantic figure provides the twist and romance that “normal” Holmsian novels lack.  Thank you for such an in-depth review of a genre I don’t usually read but will probably go out and buy now!

    1. Hi,

      The same happened to me. it is a genre I don’t usually buy, but now I’m so glad I did! You’ll enjoy this book. And book 2 is a great sequel to it 🙂 

  8. This book definitely sheds a different light on Sherlock Holmes.  I always felt he was too dry for me and never wanted to read books about him.  Now in this book he seems to have a more human dimension.   I enjoy reading but prefer to read a book that was recommended.  The character is this book sound interesting.   I just may consider this book when I’m looking for a book to read.

    1. Hi Josephine,

      It’s exactly like you said, in this book Sherlock Holmes has a more human dimension. In the old books he was indeed a little too dry, wasn’t he? 😉 I like this new version of him much better. 

      I hope you’ll get this book. I really enjoyed it.

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