Best Indie Books

best indie books

Stay home, read a book is a popular hashtag nowadays. Well, I wouldn’t call myself the hashtag expert, but I’ve seen that one a lot lately. Reading is a wonderful way to spend your time. It takes you far away to magical lands or past kingdoms. Books are your ticket to travel without leaving your home. I have reviewed several books on my website, but today I would like to compile a list of the best indie books.

Indie books are written by independent authors, i.e. writers who are not represented by a publishing house, but who do all the work themselves. If you like to know more about indie authors, you can find more info in the following link.


==> What is an indie author? <==


The reasons why I like to support indie authors are several.


  • There are some literary gems out there.
  • Indie authors often remain forgotten. It’s true that some make a lot of money of their books, but many are struggling to get noticed.
  • Indie authors support each other
  • And I’m an indie author too 🙂

So, here we go, my list of indie books that will transport you away from home while safely staying home 😉

Shadow of Persephone, the Story of Catherine Howard, Book 1 – by G. Lawrence

best indie books

This is historical fiction for Tudor fans. Catherine Howard, the doomed fifth wife of Henry VIII, is in the Tower of London, awaiting her execution. She reflects on her short life, and goes back to her childhood and the events that led her to the Tudor court.

Catherine has always been known as the flimsy, cheating wife, but when she was accused, she continuously denied the charges of adultery. History may have judged her too harshly, and the author agrees with that.

G. Lawrence has written countless books about the Tudor court. She has done much research and she carefully lays out Catherine’s life to the reader.

I was hooked the moment I started reading the first page, and when I came to the end, I was eager to start book 2 of Catherine Howard’s story, No More Time To Dance.

Despite knowing Catherine’s tragic end, you’ll find yourself wanting to know more about her, find out what really happened. What did she do in her capacities as queen of England during her short reign? Why did her enemies conspire against her to bring her down?

Did you know that Catherine Howard was a cousin of Anne Boleyn, Henry’s second wife who also died by beheading?

With these two books you’ll dive into some Tudor history and read a long overdue account that sheds some light on the people in this young woman’s life and how they led her to her downfall. The author cites a long list of sources at the end of her novel and adds an epilogue with her own thoughts on who Catherine Howard really was, which is a section that is worth reading.

Future Bride – J.G. MacLeod

Scottish highlander from the Middle Ages meets a modern day woman who happens to know karate. How will that turn out?

If you’re thinking Outlander, nope, this one is funnier. History meets humor and a touch of romance. A highly enjoyable read!

Bridget McDonald works in a coffee shop. When she steps into the storage room she suddenly finds herself getting dressed for a wedding in medieval Scotland. Stealing a horse, she escapes the groom, but is pursued by relentless groomsmen. Lost in the forest, she is saved by a gruff Scotsman who has some unfinished clan business with her pursuers.

Scottish Highlands

Now that she finds herself with this mysterious man it is not sure if Bridget is truly safe or if the dangers have only just begun. Caught between two rival clans and struggling to adapt to medieval conventions, will Bridget’s karate skills be enough?

This book is a nice escape from reality, and you won’t even have to fight off all those Scotsmen like Bridget does 😉 If you’re looking for a light romantic comedy with a strong female lead, Future Bride will be right up your alley.

Lucy’s Legacy – Tia Day

This one was a pleasant surprise. If you want a page turner and a whodunit, then Lucy’s Legacy is the perfect fit.

Caitlin Beck is a twenty-one-year-old college student with a dark past she has trouble remembering, due to a complex case of Dissociate Amnesia Disorder.

Despite that, Caitlin’s life seems pretty normal. She’s just moved into the dorms at University, and she’s ready to begin her studies in child psychology.

mysteryHer adoptive sister and college roommate, Lucy Capelli, comes along for the ride. Lucy’s parents adopted Caitlin at the age of twelve after Lucy had befriended Caitlin. Lucy was Caitlin’s only friend.

One day, tragic events turn Caitlin’s life upside down again, and her quest for revenge leads her on a journey into her past, a past she is unwilling to face, but is ready to destroy her present. Caitlin has no choice but to see this through until the end.

There, that’s all I’m going to reveal. 😉 This book is a page turner and it will keep you guessing until the end. I don’t want to give anything away, for it would spoil much of your read. If you need a good mystery, Lucy’s Legacy may be perfect to lead you into a labyrinth of secrets and deceit.

Final Thoughts

I hope that with this selection, you can find a quiet afternoon on the couch, or perhaps on the terrace, with some coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

I thoroughly enjoyed Future Bride and was enthralled with the love story, reminiscing about the main characters long after I put the book down. Lucy’s Legacy kept me turning the pages to uncover secret after secret. Shadow of Persephone and No More Time to Dance transported me back to the Tudor court, caught in the tragic events that led to Catherine Howard’s murder.

reading is travelling

Whether you like history, romance, or mystery, maybe one of them will take you on a journey out of our current situation. We all need an escape sometimes, don’t we?

I’ll make sure to check out other genres for another post. If you’re interested in any of the books, please click on the image of the book, it will redirect you to the Amazon page. 🙂

Happy reading!

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  1. Lucy’s legacy is a treat for me 😊 I like the storyline. You know, I love stories that contain deep dark secrets, missions for revenge, determination to uncover the truth with plots, twists, and turns. You did an excellent job compiling this list of novels. Definitely a useful post to help one overcome boredom during the lockdown.

  2. I was looking for a very good recommendation of books to read at this stay at home period and someone mentioned that indie writers are very good at what they do. I was happy to see that you have a list of good books to try at this time. I think I should start with Lucy’s legacy then go on to read the others as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a the most perfect time to get engrossed by reading and totally focusing on reading as a means of self entertainment and enjoyment. I love indie stories, they always have a knack to twists and beauties. I think I will go with the future bride first since you gave it the good marks first. Thanks

    1. Hi Ella!

      I read The Future Bride in one day, I enjoyed it so much. You’ll like it, it’s such a good read 🙂

  4. Hi Lila! I really like mystery books and have been intrigued reading the brief introduction to Lucy’s Legacy. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. And surely when I start reading it, I won’t be able to put it down till I finish it!

    I have also been seeing that hashtag you mentioned #StayHomeReadABook And that is what we should be doing!

  5. Thanks for your recommendation here! Since my company applied work from home policy, I have more free time to read books. I love mystery, so Shadow of Persephone is definitely on my next reading list. Is this a trilogy or duology series? Oh, what kind of book that you write too? Looking forward to read your reply 🙂

  6. Hi Christine,

    I love to see there are some indie books in the article, and I guess you might be one of them. I am also the kind of person who doesn’t love mainstream and wants to hear some indie voice from the crowd.

    I like reading when I was a kid from fairy tales to textbooks. Among all the books, I found most appealing to me because I like psychology and revenge-theme novels.

    From Amazon, is there a category as the indie book, or you know those authors? My curiosity rises when I see the first paragraph, excellent work here.


    1. Hi Matt,

      It’s difficult to find certain authors on Amazon, because Amazon is just such an immense marketplace, and many good writers just disappear from view amidst these numbers. I know these authors, I read their books, and we know each other from Twitter where we support fellow authors by retweeting their work, among other things.
      If you like revenge-theme novels, then I’ll recommend Lucy’s Legacy 🙂

      Thank you for visiting my blog!

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