Writings by Inmates – Thomas Porter – Christmas in Prisons – Let’s be Present

If you’ve been following Thomas Porter’s posts (essays, short posts, and raw, heartfelt poetry) you may already know that he is my prison pen pal and friend. Since I started writing to him in February 2021 something incredible happened – friendship evolved. I got to …

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My Emotionally Different Team - by Thomas Porter

Writings by Inmates -Thomas Porter – Emotional First Aid – What can we do for Each Other?

Below, you will find two more short pieces written by Thomas Porter, straight to the point and raw from his soul, as he always does. If you haven’t read his work before and you don’t know who Thomas is, you can read more about his …

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Separate Segregation - a Letter from a Prisoner - by Harold M. Laird

Inmates Suffering from Depression – by Thomas Alexander Porter, Virginia

Depression is, unfortunately, still not taken seriously enough, in the free world or in the world behind bars. Inmates suffering from depression, however, have none to limited options to deal with it – if they decide to handle it at all. Without the adequate professional …

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How to Navigate Oppressive Environments – by Thomas Porter – Thoughts by Inmates

Here comes another piece of writing by Thomas Porter. For this one, How to Navigate Oppressive Environments, I need to give some explanation beforehand. Given that he describes the dire circumstances that form his daily reality, now there is another obstacle that is now thrown …

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unity disunity

Thomas Alexander Porter – Short Essays by Inmates – Unity can be Disunity – How to Deal with Regrets

My prison pen pal and friend Thomas Porter sent me two more powerful pieces of writing. I can find no better word to describe them, powerful is what it always is. Short essays by inmates are usually raw and straight from the soul, without any barriers and …

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Why I can’t Adapt to the New Post Lockdown Routine (Tips Included)

We’ve spent about a year and a half locked down, working online from home, and although many hated being stuck at home there were many others who enjoyed the freedom it gave us. I can’t quite figure out why I can’t adapt to the new …

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