There’s a Little Magic in All of Us – Pepita’s Magic of the Moon – a Store Worth Visiting

When you think of Los Cabos, you think of the beach, sun, amazing sunsets, spectacular sunrises, sunset cruises, snorkeling, scuba diving, bar hopping, Squid Roe, fabulous restaurants, and fun, fun, fun. But did you know that Pepita’s Magic of the Moon has been a part …

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Dixon – From Rags to Love – The Life of a Street Dog

Dixon came into my life quite unexpectedly. Rescues always do, don’t they, despite the knowledge that there are so many dogs and cats out there who desperately need homes, need saving, need love, compassion, protection … things that many of us take for granted. I …

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Enough is Not Enough – Always Check Your Edited Work (Importance of Editing and Revising)

You did it! You finally did it! You wrote the last line of an 80,000 word manuscript. What a great sentiment! It is such an incredible feeling that I am unable to describe it, despite being a writer. I have written many books and published …

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To Write or Not to Write – What a Question (writer’s tips, life)

Indeed, what a question. If you’re a writer, you just write. It comes naturally, it flows out of you, and the pen in your hand (or the keyboard under your fingers) feels like an extension of you. To write or not to write is not …

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