A Christmas Tail – by Sudesna Ghosh – A Book Review

I love this cover! And the kitty is really cute.

This one is a short story, perfect for Christmas. It’s that time of the year when people who choose to be alone, or are alone – because of circumstances or life’s events – are looked upon with some compassion. But being alone is not always a bad thing. In fact, it is rather liberating, you don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone, or treading on anyone’s toes, and sometimes it isn’t really so bad to be alone. If you can be alone during the rest of the year, being alone during Christmas can be done too. Alone doesn’t always mean lonely 😉

I know, it’s that time of the year … I get it. But don’t worry, that particular day will soon be over, and in the meantime here is a nice short story about a young woman who also spends Christmas alone, and gets a lovely surprise. What better idea than getting lost in some Christmas romance?

First a Little Bit About the Author

Sudesna Ghosh, a graduate from the University of Rochester (US) and an ex-journalist, is a multi-genre author based in India. She is passionate about animal rights and animal welfare, and – like the character in her book – she lives with her cats.


Amanda, who is a little bit of a social recluse and – according to her – a “crazy cat lady”, has Christmas Eve all planned out. While others are celebrating with their family, she is having a nice evening with her feline companion, Bella, a bottle of wine, and some fruitcake. She just forgot one tiny detail.

Although she might have her festive dinner ready, she completely neglected to get Bella her special treat. So, a last minute emergency trip to the local store turns into a lovely Christmas surprise, not only for Amanda but also for her spoiled ginger cat.

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My Review

A Christmas Tail is a cute short story with charming and lovable characters; and I enjoyed the way Amanda’s trip to the store turned out. This is the perfect feel-good book to curl up with on the couch on a cold winter night. Who doesn’t love a surprise at Christmas and a little bit of romance, especially if it’s caused by a demanding feline?

The story reads fast. I finished it in a few minutes. Well, I’m a fast reader and it only has twenty pages. 😉 I also loved the ending for all characters involved. I had a little smile on my face when I finished this book.

If you want a break from all the mad Christmas preparations, dive into this book for nine or ten minutes and lose yourself in Amanda and Bella’s tale. While it is advertised on Amazon as “the purrfect book for cat lovers” (and I agree 😉 ), I also think that it is a beautiful read for anyone who is looking for a sweet and romantic Christmas tale.

This book is available on Amazon, also on KU (Kindle Unlimited).

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  1. I’m just looking for some books as Christmas presents for my family members and I’ve come across your review of this book. It seems like a lovely romantic story, I think I would love it for myself because I love cats (and dogs). I will have to buy the book to see how the tale ends up!

  2. Hey thank you for the awesome review! I love this time of the year and all the books, movies, shows, and music that comes with it! I read this book not too long ago actually and I highly recommend it too! It’s a short book, and an easy read for those who don’t like to sit and read for a long time!

  3. Yes it better to be alone during Christmas in order not to worry about upsetting anyone. The time you are alone, you will be able to think.

  4. Hello Lila, compliment of the season and thank you for sharing this book review of A Christmas Tail by Sudesna Gosh. This book sounds sweet from what I have seen in this review. Cats are lovely (although I don’t love cats, I have seen lots of people that love them) pets. Christmas would be great with a little surprise on my side too 🙂

    This book only cost 99 Cents, cool.

    1. Hi! 

      There is time, Christmas may still have a lovely surprise up its sleeve for you 😉

      At 99 cents, this book is a great deal, and it’s also free on Kindle Unlimited.

  5. Thank you for the excellent book review! You got me interested in the story without revealing too much about the plot. I’m one of those people who love Christmas and books, so I think this is perfect for me. No joke, I also had a cat named Bella too, named after a character in one of my favorite books at the time. Do you know if it’s available through amazon prime? Either way, I think it will be a great read. 

    1. Hi Michelle, 

      If you like Christmas and books, then A Christmas Tail will be perfect for you 🙂  That’s funny that your cat was also named Bella, it’s a beautiful name, I like it.

  6. hi there. thank you for the awesome post! this book is an easy read which makes it perfect for presents both for little kids and grown ups. i would love to get a collection of books as presents this season. it will educate people and still create fun time for them. this is a short book, and an easy read . thank you for the review .it is a great one.

    1. Hi Benny,

      I’m so glad you like it. Books are wonderful gifts. They’re not only educational but they also allow you to travel to far away places without even having to leave your house 🙂 

  7. Hi Lila! I can’t wait to discover what charming and lovable characters Amanda found at the store. I love cats and also love reading and this book seems like a good one for me. During the holidays I like to get a couple of good books and read them all before the year ends. This is one I’ll pick for this year. Thanks!

  8. You started well with the presentation of the book and just when I was warming up you stopped. It is not written what could be further for the reader who is thinking of buying a book to warm something up in his heart and encourage it to buy. The reader was intrigued by this romantic book about a girl and her cat.

    1. Hi, I’m glad you were warming up to the story, but I can’t reveal the rest of the tale, can I ? 😉 I can’t give away spoilers, that wouldn’t be good 😉
      It’s a short story, you can get it on Amazon. Enjoy!

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