unity disunity

Thomas Alexander Porter – Short Essays by Inmates – Unity can be Disunity – How to Deal with Regrets

My prison pen pal and friend Thomas Porter sent me two more powerful pieces of writing. I can find no better word to describe them, powerful is what it always is. Short essays by inmates are usually raw and straight from the soul, without any barriers and …

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Why I can’t Adapt to the New Post Lockdown Routine (Tips Included)

We’ve spent about a year and a half locked down, working online from home, and although many hated being stuck at home there were many others who enjoyed the freedom it gave us. I can’t quite figure out why I can’t adapt to the new …

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corrupt courts and crazy convicts

Books by Inmates – a Book Review – Corrupt Courts and Crazy Convicts, Doing Life in Fort Mad – by Eric Lokian

It’s time for another book review, and once more I got my hands on an unusual – but highly entertaining and interesting – one. Books by inmates can give us the raw deal of what prison is really like and it is nothing like the …

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Kenneth E. Foster Jr.

Kenneth Foster Jr – Birthday Raffle – Win Amazing Prizes!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNETH! It’s almost that time again… October 22, 2021 is Rise Kenneth Foster ‘s Birthday. Birthdays have been one of the hardest times for Kenneth because it’s not only another year behind bars, but another year away from his beautiful daughter Nydesha. This …

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